Is it possible to thrive as a caregiver and build successes—while dealing with relentless challenges and grim circumstances?

Author and Radio Host Peter Rosenberger draws upon three decades of experience as a caregiver to resoundingly say, “YES!”

“Not only CAN you live a calmer, healthier, and even a more joyful life even while staring at grim realities, you MUST! That loved one may not make it, but YOU’VE Got to!”  —Peter Rosenberger

Targeting the vast population of America’s 65 million volunteer caregivers of vulnerable loved ones, Peter  Rosenberger compiles his lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline to his fellow caregivers.


With an unparalleled journey as his wife’s sole caregiver for nearly thirty years through a medical nightmare that has mushroomed to 78 operations, the amputation of both legs, and $9 million in medical bills, Peter brings an astonishing understanding of health care issues, a deep compassion for the heartache of caregiving, and an outrageous humor to bring the fresh air of laughter into the painful places faced by America’s exponentially growing number of caregivers.

“Our attendees said Peter was the best of 15 national speakers.”
~ Todd Strawser, Christian Family Eldercare

Invite Peter Rosenberger to your event to discuss:

  • Ministering to Caregivers and "Slow-Walking" them BACK from the Ledge
  • Surviving and Thriving as as Caregiver.
  • Dealing With Adversity and Heartache Without Jumping Off a Bridge.
  • Marketing Products and Services to Caregivers.
  • The Employer and The Caregiver/Caregivers In the WorkForce
  • Winning Appeals With Insurance Companies
  • "See the Heart Not the Chart"
  • A Sustainable Infrastructure for Caregivers
  • Faith and Suffering

In his most recent book, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, Peter is equipping fellow caregivers with tools and a vocabulary to ask for and receive help as they care for their loved ones.


A Lifetime of Experience

The experience and wisdom he has gleaned gives Peter a unique and astonishing understanding of health care issues facing millions of people. But more than that, he has unmatched empathy for the deep heartache faced by his fellow caregivers …that causes even the strongest to falter.

Peter Rosenberger is president of Nashville-based Standing With Hope, an outreach whose flagship program provides artificial limbs to people in developing countries. Host of a weekly radio program, he’s also been interviewed by TODAY, WEB MD, People Magazine, BBC, NY Daily, ABC News, CNN, and FOX News.

He has spoken/performed at hundreds of events including disability conferences, churches, conventions, association meetings, service organizations.

Catering his message to each audience he works with, Peter offer benefits to two groups of people: caregivers and other people who are in position to help a caregiver.

In addition to speaking to counselors, physicians, pastors, social workers, financial planners, and many other groups, Peter also brings a strong understanding of the need of today’s employers as they come to grips with a vast population of working caregivers. Weaving insights gleaned from a lifetime of caregiving, Peter extends a lifeline of practical help to not only those caring for vulnerable loved ones, but also to the ones who seek to connect their products, services, and/or support to caregivers.

 What People Have Said

“Heart-driven, hilarious, caring, and engaging for audiences.” -E.M., CEO, CAREGIVERS BY WHOLE CARE

“Peter has a gift for talking about tough issues in an uplifting way, which leaves his audience feeling lighter, stronger, and more supported.” -T.S., COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, AARP,TN


Playing For Inches Not Miles ( from Peter’s Radio Show)

From the Caregiver in the Car Series

An accomplished pianist, this is slide show set to Peter playing a familiar hymn.

Video clips/Interviews

 Click on picture to watch Peter’s and Jeff Foxworthy’s Hilarious YOU MIGHT BE A CAREGIVER IF …(and outtakes)

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